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How do wikis work? After clicking "Edit this page", we write topics using WikiWords, which means words that are stuck together but with capitals (as below). That automatically creates a new page where we can write and edit each others' work! To access the new page, click on the WikiWord (which should be highlighted in red). The only limit is that the words have to be stuck together, and several caps don't work (e,g IOS doesn't work). If that's not okay, just write them normally and put them in brackets: [


One important thing to remember- wikis do NOT have a folder structure. In Microsoft Word, you can have two files named Agenda as long as they are in different folders. This is not true in a wiki. Each page name must be totally UNIQUE. That means if you name something Agenda off of the Integral University page, it is in no way associated with that page- it's not the Integral University Agenda just because it started there. Instead, you have to give it its own unique name, such as IUAgenda. This requires some cognitive retraining for those of us used to folders, but it has the great advantage of each page being infinitely linkable- anytime you write IUAgenda, anywhere, at any time, it links to the same page- and easy to identify- it always exists at its on unique URL: integral.pbwiki.com/pagename.


What is wiki etiquette?

The best thing about wikis is that you can never make a mistake. All revisions are tracked, so we can easily revert to an older version if you've changed something you didn't want to. So you can do pretty much anything you want to! But in general, stick to these rules:

1) Don't edit documents in a work area that is not your own. If you have suggestions, make a comment.

2) Don't alter the basic structure of the wiki- we want people to always be able to find their work, so the general structure should remain the same.

3) Don't change the titles of pages (in general, unless they are your own). Since pbwiki uses "transparent" titles, like integralinstitute.pbwiki.com/IntegralUniversity, someone could have bookmarked that page and won't be happy if it moves.

4) Keep the password secret. Don't share it with anyone outside of Integral Institute. Ask permission from Katie when in doubt.

Other than that, go for it!


What do the other buttons above mean?

Home - This button returns you to the FrontPage

Edit this page- Allows you to make edits to the current page.

Changes - Allows you to see the revision history of the page.

Discuss- Discuss the current page. Use this feature instead of editing, if you aren't sure or just want to ask a question.

All Pages - Lets you see a list of every wiki page there is. This is a helpful feature if you know you made a page, but aren't sure where or what it was called.

Settings- Global Wiki settings. Only Admin has access to.

Files- The list of all files that have been uploaded to the wiki.

Log Out- Logs you out of the wiki. Good to use at a public computer, otherwise not important.


How do I do Bold, Italic, Bullets, and other formatting?

See the Wiki Style page, which you can access anytime you edit a page. In short, for bold, place two asterix around the word or phrase, and for italics, two apostrophes.

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